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At the first glance, textbooks from this series may look like those made for kids. However, its contents is serious. Thus the trig book covers all essential topics of High School and College Trigonometry.

The main goal of "Dad's Lessons" series is to present the material in a scientifically strong, yet lively and enjoyable form. Special care is made for enlightenment of motivations of ideas, principles, and the paths to their discovery. The series caters to a wide range of audiences: from High School and College students to teachers and college instructors of different levels, as well as for Self-Teaching.

In order to avoid formal style and dry language, the series is developed in the form of conversations between three characters: a father – an expert in the field, and his daughter and son. These conversations are written in simple and casual language. Teenagers argue amongst themselves and the father, make mistakes, and sometimes unknowingly, come up with serious scientific discoveries. Therefore, by reading these textbooks you will not only acquire knowledge, but will also see how science is "made".

We hope that once you've read the trig book, you will say:"You know, trigonometry isn’t so disgusting after all. Actually, it is even beautiful."

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